Saturday, 16 April 2011

Can you see the tears I cry
Can you hear me when I call
Can't you see how much I try
To catch you when you fall
Can you feel the wind on your skin
Is the feeling very keen
Does it make your feet dance
Or dismiss this last chance
You say I'm your worst nightmare
The very monster of your deepest fear
You accuse me of being so cold
But you are always far away to hold
Did I ever reply to your bitch-back
Or smack you when you are out of track
Did I ever push you against the wall
Or mock you when your pride stands so tall
I'm staring at you as you walk out the door
Knowing I won't see you anymore
You won't even kiss me
Not even a smile to see
You are saying goodbye
Another farewell lullaby
My heart won't stop bleeding
And I think I just stopped living
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1 comment:

  1. Great Poem! It has genuine depth! keep up the good job.