Thursday, 6 October 2011


There is nothing as unromantic as body odour. If any young man or woman is to be asked of the three things that they find very unattractive in a partner, I’m sure body odour would not fail to make the list. There is nothing as a total turn-off as any part of the body that reeks of foul smell, be it from the armpit, the mouth or the private parts. Let us look at this from this typical scenario>>>

A young guy meets this wonderful lady, and for a while admired her, they both met many times at parties and other social gatherings, he approached her for an outing. After a few days of dating you began to have cold feet. She has body odour that you don’t like, and for you it’s a big NO NO.

You haven’t’ kissed, yet, slept or even gotten intimately closed, well, you almost did, till that moment finally came, and the rude shock got you hesitating.  She had already agreed to your proposal and fallen hard, calls you every day, and wonders why you don’t call or return her calls anymore.  But she is not picking the cue, and a couple of days later you heard the rumour from her friends, that she says you’re a coward, but hell no you’re not, you say to yourself. The hard truth is, she stinks, and for you, body odour is the deal breaker.  Well, don’t feel guilty about it, or not pursuing a relationship, but it’s not completely cool for you to completely dump her, or ignore her, like she is a hot mess, and don’t’ forget that, such sensitive things as body odour or personal hygiene can be said easily to a partner you’ve dated in a long while, or a child for that matter, and it’s always hard to tell a non-related person, acquaintance or any person you just met recently.                       

                                        “NEVER ALLOW ODOUR SPOIL THOSE MAGIC MOMENTS”    

Body chemistry is known to play a very crucial role in the bond between the opposite sexes. A human being’s sense of smell is usually more powerful than we’re even conscious of sometimes. Truth is, you can be attracted to almost anyone just because of their body scent and not even realize it. This is where it gets difficult to maintain an intimate relationship or get close and personal when a partner has any unruly body odour coming from their body, and it gets worse when they refuse to listen or heed to advice to get help or even tackle the situation.  A smelly boxer shorts, or socks by a man, or dirty lingerie made worst by a sweaty body that is carried to the intimacy of the bedroom shows total disrespect, carelessness on the side of the offender, and plain laziness. It takes any pleasure of the lovemaking away even before the party starts, and worst it can affect the offended one’s sexual performance and or mental psyche. It even get exasperating when the offended partner decides not to talk about it and bottles it up.

Whatever the situation, there is always a way out. Wouldn't you want to taste good and smell nice for your partner at all times during your special late night sessions? By minimizing the factors that may be causing body odour, and changing a few eating habit, things should get better, hopefully.

First, learn the habit of taking a shower more often, at least twice every 24 hours or a day, it doesn't matter if you sweat a lot or not, lovemaking is a blissfully sacred act that requires cleanliness at all physical levels of your being, and invest in some good cosmetic products such as body creams, deodorant and Cologne, some are specially made for such problems, such as foot spray for smelly feet.

Everyone sweat to some degree, sweat is known to increase moisture in the pubic area, if there is lots of moisture for longer periods of time, there is only one result--odour.

This could be as a result of a hard day's work, or wearing heavy clothing. This same sweaty odour is what we get in our underarms and especially in between our thighs.

In our private parts, especially of women, any pungent odour from the vagina could be as a result of bacterial activity, or worst, a sexually transmitted infection, this can give the vagina a fishy body odour and in extreme cases a highly pungent rotten-like stench, this must be taking to a professional health worker to verify soon as it is noticed.

Men and women are also known to develop yeast infection which causes pubic hair odour. This odour is usually bread like but not a sexually transmitted disease.

If you smoke, please learn to quit. Smoke stains trapped inside the body come out through the pores, and lungs. It is also believed that many of the things that affect body odour are believed to affect the taste of semen as well, for instance, alcohol, and coffee are considered to give a man's semen a bitter, pungent taste, likewise the excess intake of garlic, and onions.

Body odour is not foul smelling all the time, each person has their own natural body odour, it is inherent in every being, and that of men is known to help attract women in the form of pheromones. However, when one fails to stay hygienic, then the problem creeps up.

Attitudes, problems and habits can take long a time to fix, and sometimes it is just plain impossible, but going that extra mile to see to it that the problem is fixed not only shows how conscious you are of your body, but also how much you really love and care about your partner's feelings and needs. So never get upset when that loved one speaks his or her mind over it, offended partner also need to show some support in every step of the way by showing understanding and being tolerant.

You can be as beautiful as any beautiful thing in the world, hardworking a 'genius' in bed, all the works, but that body odour will always be a romantic turn-off, so deal with it NOW.

An article by Precious Kweku Obeng. ©


  1. Body odor is not exclusive to women alone. Neither do taking a shower twice a day the cure all solution or prescription. It may even be possible that the person with body odor may not know about it. By the way, cologne and spray can even creat body odor for some people depending upon the quality, timing, and the circumstances it was used. I also disagree with the writer because she seems to be saying anyone with body odor has committed a crime intentionally. Most especially, I find it offensive in the pririt of which the article is written. Rudeness of any kind or the presentation of ideas and solutions should be respecful, cordial and human. Enough of verbal abuse from people especially from African writers. I am very sure, Ms. Obeng has some skeleting in her closett too...she should ask her friends. Close and honest friends, for that matter..

  2. Thanks a lot to you Wright for the contribution and your concerns of course. Truth is most at times hard to deal with, but that’s what makes it TRUTH’. So I think I can appreciate why you don’t appreciate the entire write-up.

    I wish not to digress much into non content-specific matters but I must frankly admit that you did have a point there in the rear part of your comment. Yes I’ve got warts in my closet even though you don’t know me from Adam, you’re allowed to assume all you want, and as human like myself, I’m inclined to believe that you’ve got your own ‘skeletons’ too. So, no need to deliberately attempt to sink each other’s boat as the typical Africans love to do, such as you’re rightly so displaying over here.

    The purpose of this blog, as the owner has made me understand, is to discuss in its raw form the harshest of social issues, taboos and topics no matter how sensitive they’re, especially the ones that many people would never want to talk about on any ordinary day, and I believe I haven’t deviated from the bluntness of the trends of posts on this blog and their original concept.

    Now that you mentioned it passionately, I’d personally ask Miss Obioha to include a brief rehash of those objectives of the blog here so all visitors/ viewers/ followers would grasp it once and for all.

    1) If you followed the write-up through and through carefully, there was NOWHERE that I insinuated that body odour was the reserve of only women. In fact, body odour as a socially embarrassing canker does not know gender, age, or race.

    2) It is NEVER a crime to have body odour like you so much want to twist it to look, or make it seem like I was saying so, but like many of life’s problems, it can be checked, or controlled. While it is always better to impress upon the person the gravity of the problem and of course suggest a few solutions or advice if possible. Unless of course you decide to turn a blind eye and watch him or her been ridiculed in public and talked about under hushed tones with such contempt.

    Body odour is a harsh reality of a problem, and it sometimes takes a degree of harshness to confront it, thus the tone of voice of this write up.

    3) You sound like, or I’m compelled to believe that you’re an African yourself who’s had the opportunity to stay outside in a foreign land in quite a while, you and I know very well how we love not to mince words here, and say everything and anything in all and with all sincerity. That is one gift of us here in the motherland that nobody can ever take away from us. Unless your little liberated soul over there where ever on the globe you’re wishes so much to believe it’s more enlightened than your brethren here, talk about solidarity.

    And next time, while you’re at it with the typing of your passionate comment, please use a simple program such as Microsoft Word, the software would be more than kind to correct most of the petty grammatical errors smeared all over your point of view, so the likes of me wouldn’t be forced to believe that you’re a lazy, clumsy and careless person.

    Thanks once again.

    Precious Kweku Obeng,
    Accra, Ghana

  3. "Read the article, it’s true, I want to do an operation for my armpits if there is such not that it’s bad but I hate the sweat and stuff."

    Zintle Zee Nomandela
    Durban, South Africa

    "I'm not really sure if there's any such surgical procedure known to correct that anomaly. It's just your underarm's sweat glands doing what they do best,only that they get carried away sometimes. Nothing out of the ordinary you should worry your head about,really--unless your man and the people around you are complaining?"

    Precious Kweku Obeng,

    ‎"Precious Kweku Obeng you're seriously cracking me up but on a more serious note, I don't really feel sorry for them, I feel sorry for us hygienic ones who get killed but are to polite to say anything rude. And the truth is they don't have an excuse to smell. Only beggars do since they're clearly beggars and its very understandable. Hygiene is also next to Godliness."

    Inked Cat,
    Kumasi, Ghana.

    "LOL…I can just imagine. I'd rather tell de person than he going around saying I’m a coward for all I care..."

    Pascalyne Eyra Ayawli
    Accra, Ghana

    "I've been in such situation before, but I didn’t dump her..body odour can be checked or controlled..I really hate bad body smells, I noticed she doesn’t use deodorants, I got her a pack of it n told her ways 2 help stop it..she appreciates this till tomorrow."

    Eheli Gabriel
    Lagos, Nigeria.

  4. Wow. You just made my point for me again and again in your response. I know you do not represent all African women but you sure need to relax, take a deep breath and stop being an angry individual with inability to grow up or be professional. In a way, I do not expect much from your kind. May God be with you because you will need it.


  5. And Wright...I'm no woman, so stop referring and giving me a title that I don't deserve...unless of course you are harbouring plans of sponsoring me to undergo a transgender sort of operation....

  6. My apology. In my part of the world , Precious is a female name. I stand corrected.


  7. Apology duly enjoy the rest of the weekend....

  8. Man, what can I say? What can I say here? This is arguably the best truth written ever! I wrote a loooong comment earlier on, but somehow there was a computer malfunction and it got lost. But starting with your example, it happened twice or three times with me...and on one occasion after "the kiss session" my Johnie went flaccid! The girl went out and said silly things to her girlfriends about me...she didn't know she was the reason that i went off! I think until today she think I'm good for nothing! LOOL!
    This is a real deal! Sex should always start with this article(hygiene...)

  9. No offence but some Nigerian men in the UK have bad mouth odour, so women run away. They do not have body odour. They don't know that they should spend money on mouthwash and see the dentist. Dentists are expensive over here.