Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Drool of the day: Meet Pretty Nina

Nina is a tall sexy pretty girl residing in Apapa-Lagos. She is single and searching. Any cute guy out there for her???
Read more about her:

Likes and dislikes:
I like making friends, meeting new people and love adventures too. I hate lies and disappointments.

Bedroom skills:
I'm killing in bed, though I love romance than sex.

What will you do if your man cheats on you?
I don't like heartbreakers cos my heart is too fragile. If he cheats on me, I will forgive him but if it becomes a habit, I'll give him the boot. I'll just quit the relationship.

Will you fight for a man?
Never. Impossible.

What's one crazy thing you've ever done for a man?
Sincerely, nothing.

What will you tell President Goodluck Jonathan if you have a date with him? will be about unemployment among the youths. There should be jobs for graduates.

Have you ever kiss/been kissed by a girl?
Yeah. By a girlfriend(giggles). I liked it but that doesn't make me a lesbian or bisexual.

Would you agree to a menage a trois?

Have you ever dated a married man?
Yes I have. But it wasn't for the money, I liked him very much. I felt guilty afterwards.

What's your selling point?
My body, my height and my eyes. But I'm a shy person and a jealous love (smiles and winks)

Who is your celeb crush?
Mike Ezuronye. I'm a secret admirer.

One crazy thing about Vay
She is a fucker but I love her...

If you want to meet Pretty Nina, this is her pin: 2689188D
Let the pinging begin!!!
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  1. That's a cute profile Nina... And lovely pictures too *wink*

  2. Hey nina! Ūя̲̅ indeed beautiful...ȋ̊ wudnt mind 2 roll wif U̶̲̥̅̊'s my pin babes 322f7496

  3. I like nina already