Thursday, 7 February 2013

Wet lines...freestyle

Please do not read this if you are in the office. I won't be responsible for any actions. Something kinky from my stables. Enjoy!

The night creeps in with its sounds; the chirping crickets, the squeaky mouse, and the whooshing sound of the trees.
Somewhere in the dark, right behind the back door I stood, awaiting the familiar footsteps and musky scent that assail my senses.
But above all, the loudest sound of the night was my heartbeat as it anticipates the rhythm of the night.
A rhythm created by two untamed souls, seeking the tasty wine of the gods in the middle of the night.

The moonlight cast a shadow at my side, the same spot we had made love two nights ago.
I recalled the passionate but wild primal love session with you. A love that need no stirring as it's been conjured by mental images.
I touched my breasts as the cool night breeze caresses my nightdress like your skilled fingers tracing lines on my skin.
My nipple perts at the mere thought of your lips nibbling and sucking like a starved child. Your palms moulding it like clay, while my back arch in pure animal need.
I can feel the juices trailing down my rosy garden, the petals giving way, in expectation of your staff.
I can think of a thousand things to do to you tonight. If only you would come. If only you would remember the sweet memories we shared before. If only you will come back once more for another pleasurable encounter.
A cat just passed by. Oh my! How my heart had leaped in joy, hoping it was you coming to taste my sweet poison.
I have plans for you my darling, plans that will lead you into a path of no return. A path filled with promises of inexorable passion in my arms. A night to remember with memories that will linger in the afterlife.
You don't know how deep I've fallen for you. I lay awake all night thinking of your sweet nothings whispered in the heat of passion, hoping against all hopes that there were elements of truth in it.
Have I ever told you how I love to gaze into your eyes. They are my salvation. They reveal secrets your lips won't tell. Though your lips could tell that I want it permanently locked to mine.
The way you flick your tongue round my lips, seeking entrance to taste my saltiness, like you devour my tunnel of passion, slurping the endless fountain of purity with joy that brings me to a new realm of ecstasy.
Oh my darling, where are you, the moon is fading. Don't let me wait in vain. Let me see you one more time, hold you one more time, feel your warmth skin against mine.
Embrace me in your love, drive me senseless with your lust! Ravage me like a devouring lion, I'm all yours tonight. Do with me as you please.
Let us be sated in our inebriated love. Let's get drunk with the stars and fade away by dawn. Let the sun draw traces of our steamy love in the sky in the morning. Fill me with your wild oats, let it spring forth the joy of a new beginning.
Oh my! I'm dying for your love. My shadow is gyrating to your song. It seeks to be one with you tonight.
I can't stand the wait anymore. I'm cuming for you. I hope you can hear my scream wherever you are.
Let the wind sing to you the cries of my pleasure as I bring myself to a throbbing climax. Let the mountains echo my cry of release as I burst with inexplicable feeling of insatiable desire, flaming inside of me with an intensity that is so earthquaking.
My pulse rising with resounding rapture as my undulating thighs give way to a culminating end.
Fireworks sparkles in the starless sky as I feel your warmth flowing inside of me, riding the tide of passion higher.
What a shame you missed out in the wondrous explosion of fulfilment.
The electrifying waves of pleasure still clung to my thighs as it dawned on me that all has just been a wish, a fantasy.
You were never there!
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